Nov. 17th, 2011 09:57 am
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I kid. It's not really that bluh at all. I had literally the worst day I've ever had just a handful of days ago (fibro crash, again + stomach bug + current medication causes dry everything, even digestive tract = was bad), but I dunno, somehow I am feeling pretty chipper about it all anyway (watching a lot of Monty Python helped). I found a totally cute little fakeyfake Christmas tree (hur hur, I am so not even Christian, but fuck it if I don't really like the decorating a tree part) and Ehru did not kill me over it (she hates decorating and the holidays in general) and the ball is actually rolling pretty smoothly on my applying for SSI (insert one more extraneous parenthetical here for shits and giggles). I expect to have to appeal at least once to actually get it, but I expect to get it.

Which will be nice. It won't be a lot, but it would be more than I am making now, which is very close to nothing. Not quite nothing, as I'm doing some little product design thingey for my boss, but it'll be something, and I'm moving onto Ehru's insurance so that will take a huge, huge chunk off my medical bills.

ANYWAY now that I have totally rambled about money and being ill and the intersection thereof, which is probably interesting to nobody at all, including myself, I should talk about something else!

...*sound of crickets*...

NaNo is once again not really panning out, bluh. I'm stuck somewhere around almost 9k. Or, I guess, I got there and then got distracted. This has also happened to my D&D blog, which was chugging along brilliantly until Ehru and I traveled home to see my family and then I hardcore tiredcrashed and just never got my groove back. Story of my life you guys! Though I have to say I am actually pretty happy with my story, and every time I reread what I have so far, I find another place to put in more detail and characterization. I am also enjoying the fuck out of using limited third-person narrative, because even in a general 'narrator' voice, each character's viewpoint really informs their scenes dramatically. I've never really fiddled with it as a technique that much and now I can't figure out why I haven't fallen in love with it before now.

I really need to write more! I just...don't remember to do so. Ugh.

I did figure out how to post photos to Facebook with my phone. It's not a useful life skill but it is much more convenient than having to use my real camera, which has dead batteries and is kind of a pain. I don't really enjoy photography but snapping random shots of weird things (like signs for "CORNED BEE" and "PORK CHOPP" and "DOMESTIC PEE" which was "DOMESTIC BEER" until someone made the appropriate adjustments) is just...more fun.

Ope, gotta go, chiropractor appointment. On top of all the ever so lovely things several days ago, I also got a ridiculously stiff neck and could hardly turn my head for days. Whee... cat you may not sit on me and purr right as I'm about to shoot off the couch in a hurry...
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Oh man. How is it November? Seriously, what did I do to deserve this? :D

I kid. November's pretty awesome because it means NaNo! And uh...this year I actually have time to write, unlike last year's amazing 5k words and then I had to stop?


I mean, never mind that I have time to write because I can't really walk more often than not, but hey. I did apply for disability...working in Japan screwed me for Social Security because I haven't worked enough years paying into the system, but I still qualify for Supplemental Security Income, and now all I have to do is get approved. This may take a while...but eh.

Ope, time to play Terraria with Ehru. <3
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The Northern California Ren Faire was incredibly awesome, even if Ehru did suddenly start feeling sick, and then I got tired, and no way in hells could we have actually waited to see the band I wanted to see. That's okay, though, I much preferred getting there earlier in the day when it was cooler, substantially less dusty, and much less crowded.

The yellowjackets that chased my turkey leg around, however, can just die in a fire.

Now I am going to bitch and moan about fibromyalgia like a total tool. )

Bleh. Sorry for the total downer of a post. I'm really sore today and it kind of shows...I'm just going to dump this mess under a cut. Because I really hate ending posts on a sour note, I rebooted my Etsy shop for shits and giggles, and if my wrists will stop fucking hurting for two seconds hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and have some new things to post soon! I think the bored-at-home jewelry bug is biting me again...
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It is definitely a thing. Somehow I seemed to think that volunteering and being busy around home Monday, working a longer than usual shift Tuesday, going up to the city Wednesday, and volunteering and then working anyway Thursday was a good idea, or at least one that wouldn't put me in bed most of Friday. Whoops!

I have also gotten really bad at sleep. I seem to lose at least one night a week to nightmares, getting too hot, having my legs and back suddenly start hurting like crazy, and needing to bathroomsplode at 3am. (It's always the full list, usually with multiple bouts of nightmares. Which is incredibly weird for me. WTF.) I outdid myself last night and had a scary dream that included absolutely no dream at all, just scary. It was rather like those featureless falling dreams you get where you jerk awake in a panic, only I shivered awake and attached myself firmly to Ehru. I swear, my sleep problems bother her as much as they do me, if not more, but she's such a good sport about it.

I am finding that, oddly enough, doing crafty sorts of things makes me feel a little more normal. I made a small batch of skin oils and hair oils for my mom, 'aunt', and Ehru, and after having sampled them a bit myself they are pretty awesome. And I have perfected my recipe for red chai made from scratch! As well as a few fiddly little other nothings that I'd been meaning to do.

Anyway, because I'm not hoardy about such things, red chai recipe:

3 tablespoons plain rooibos
1 tablespoon cinnamon, small pieces
1 tablespoon whole cardamom pods
1 teaspoon vanilla pod bits
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1 teaspoon dried ginger bits

I bought most of this through SF Herb Company wholesale (they sell to the public), except the cloves and ginger, because I actually dislike ginger on the whole and have no other use for it, and what am I going to do with a pound of cloves, anyway? IKEA's glass jars are the most awesome thing ever for storing ingredients cheaply, airtightly, and prettily.

Anyway it steeps however you like (I have a Beehouse teapot in my favorite shade of spring green) for five minutes in about 20-24 oz of filtered, just-off-boil water.

Then you add milk and honey for awesomeness. Vanilla soymilk actually goes really well with rooibos. Agave would work just as well if you're feeling vegan!

...I have really got to get running a D&D campaign for real again. My lack of DMitude is starting to GNAW THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD AAAAAUGH.


Aug. 31st, 2011 04:35 pm
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Ohhhhhhkay. I totally forgot to even post for like...what, 42 weeks I think? FAIL. Let's see if I can sum up how my life's been going since last November, since that's when it seems I was last active...

November: NaNo wasn't a thing that happened, sadly. Work got RIDICULOUSLY chaotic around mid-November and just didn't stop. Which is sad! I was definitely enjoying the write-ins, and plan to give it another shot this year. Hopefully things will be calmer, though what really happens is as usual anyone's guess. I did have a nice trip home for Thanksgiving to see my family, and missed my girlfriend terribly while I was gone. And then we got back to an unfinished bathroom, in which we could not actually wash, and a dead furnace. There was some living in a motel and several wailing breakdowns. Fucking November.

December: At least it wasn't November. My girlfriend's family learned of my existence and didn't flip their shit like we were afraid they might. Work was even more intense. I think I ended up working open to close (11 hours, no breaks) three days that month. But tips were pretty good and overtime was awesome, and at least for the time, I could handle it. This was about to change drastically.

January: The start of the new year found me sniffling back tears at work because my hands and arms and legs and back and feet and head and neck and everything hurt so much, and I was so tired I would get stuck on the floor any time I crouched to get things off the bottom shelves. My boss practically shouted at me, several times, for how slow I had suddenly become. (Don't even get me started about the hypoglycemia episode. She STILL brings it up for some damn reason. I have been exercising my right to get angry about that. Someday she might get the point.)

February: Lacking insurance, I went to a doc-in-the-box and got some blood tests done. They revealed...nothing. Nothing at all. I was fine. My boss strongly suggested I take some time off work starting in April, which I wasn't looking forward to, and then again I sort of was. Seeing a chiropractor at least took the edge off.

April: Two weeks off work very quickly became two months. I was so tired I had to nap in the middle of the day just to get by, and I had a really difficult time standing up and walking. This pretty much sums up May as well.

May: My moved-to-Californiaversary came and went, and was celebrated with delicious, delicious curry. I also applied for and received insurance, since the urgent care doc suggested I see a rheumatologist and that is just not a thing you want to do completely uninsured.

June: Insurance get! I redid the battery of blood tests. Not fun. Not fun at all, given my incredible phobia of all things needley. Ehru was totally awesome and went with me to every one and hugged the crazy out of me while they poked me. I'd probably have flipped a table if it weren't for her. I worked out a plan with my boss to be her assistant at the other, much calmer teahouse she runs. It pays like total crap and I can't work many hours, but eh, what can you do, when you can't even guarantee from day to day that you will be able to walk like a 'normal' person? Also my brother visited, which was cool.

July: I've always read that the average time it takes to diagnose fibromyalgia is five years, but I seem to have lucked out and done it in six months. If you can call that luck? I'm not so any rate that's mostly what I remember of July. Oh yeah and I have sleep apnea too. Y'know, on top of the chronic condition that generally entails a lot of sleep disturbances by itself.

August: Is still a thing, barely. I've had even less work to do at work and it seems like my good days are better than they were, but my bad days can be even worse than before, except for the first month or so, which was nothing but one long, awful, initial flare-up. On the bright side, though, I'm vaguely job-hunting-ish (not nearly as hard as I should be...) for something that involves a lot of sitting and hopefully writing, which I can do just fine even on bad days, and I decided that I should really do something useful with all this spare time so I am going to start volunteering at a senior activity center nearby.

I thiiiiiiink that sums it up well enough. ...Maybe.

In other news briefs:

I only just now realized that [profile] everysecondtues and [personal profile] azurelunatic know each other, at least on DW. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT YOU GUYS, THE WORLD, SHE IS VERY SMALL.

CPAP machines are a pain in the hiney, and I seem to be endowed with the super power of taking the mask off while still mostly asleep. Ehru has taken to calling it my 'elephant nose' and insists that it is cute. SO CONFUSING. (I sort of prefer her other name for it, the CRAP machine.)

I will be much happier when my TENS unit arrives. It really should hurry up. I AM SUCH AN OLD LADY, SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THESE WEIRD MEDICAL DEVICES.

Speaking of, there is a cane that I want so hardcore. Ehru says I do not need a cane. I dunno. I definitely have wobbly moments when I could use an extra point with which to balance.

My hair is at that super awkward length because Ehru convinced me to grow it long enough for pigtails, using such sneaky mind-control phrases as "you should totally do it" and "it'd be so cute eeeee" and "I think it'd be awesome."

We have a big stack of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition books, which baffle me terribly and make me want to run back to the lovely, green pastures of 3.5e, but I have a specific plan in mind for them anyway.

Somehow I have kicked the caffeine habit entirely. I am so proud of myself, you have no idea. Technically I am still getting a tiny bit through decaf coffee, but I generally only have one cup a day, if that.

...I have been feeling dabbley and have been cleaning the house with white sage smoke, among other more complicated things. My old gemstone collection seems happy that I remembered they exist. It's definitely improved the general atmosphere of the apartment, at least. I kind of feel like I could go a lot farther in this direction, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Slowly I suppose. (In related news, 'more complicated things' are more tiring than I initially gave them credit for. From past dabbling, I should probably not be as surprised as I am. (Also related, the cat dislikes all this smudging and incense, and sits on top of his tree giving me the stinkeye something fierce when I do it. It's hilarious.))

So that is pretty much it. tl;dr version, Afniel is an old creaky lady before her time but is dealing with it, more or lessish. Now, on to the next 42 weeks of forgetting to post~


Nov. 4th, 2010 07:29 pm
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5093 / 50000 words. 10% done!
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I'm 5% done with NaNo, making me something like a day-ish behind, but I tend to write an entire day's worth at a time in a sitting of only two hours tops, so I'm not even bothering to worry about this. I'm just happy to be doing it and having it go so damnably well...I forgot how excited I was over the campaign while it was going on and I'm at least as excited about writing it all out, if not much more so.

Also, sushi and Draeger's coffee for lunch! The server here is incredibly sweet and always gives me free coffee refills forever and ever! I don't even know if that's store policy but I'm on my third cup! Whee!

I'm going to be so buzzed and impossible to deal with at work today.

ALSO! Record number of LGBT politicians elected to office: today is just a good day all the way around.

EXCEPT I HAVE TO CLOSE AT WORK ah hell, though, that's not really so bad. I'm getting the hang of it pretty well. I usually open, and recently I've done a fair amount of training a new employee or two, and I even placed a phone order the other day with a supplier. I sometimes count hours for payroll. I call customers back to confirm reservations and get credit card info. This is why I picked where I work now rather than somewhere similar but larger, with benefits but little room to take on new responsibilities...I can do that later when I've proven I already have this range of ability.

Okay! I have to go fold laundry before work. I depart!
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Ahaha, yeah, I think we all saw this coming...

Anyway, here is my feeble attempt to say things!

Halloween was much more awesome this year than last year (in which "last year" consisted of going bar-hopping with the usual suspects at the time, becoming miserable, having enough alcohol to be drunk twice and not being drunk even once, becoming more miserable, enduring random strangers trying to dance with me while miserable and calling me no fun, stomping home alone in the dark, realizing I am locked out of my own apartment, reaching the end of my misery-rope and bawling a lot on the freezing stairs, being mistakenly left outside for twenty minutes by the friend I was trying to get to buzz me in, a high guy accosting me looking for even more pot, and finally only getting in to clean myself up and try to calm down at 3:30~4:00 in the morning).

This year had a friend's parents putting on an erotic Victorian-style cut-out paper puppet show in a barn and both Ehru and I going as vampires in corsets! There is not much beating that, no kidding.

A year ago tomorrow I will come out of the closet. Good times, and a hearty fuck-you-very-much to my previous, aforementioned closet. The contrast between this time last year and this time this year is stark and amazing.

I'm going to be visiting my family Nov. 22nd to the 29th~ sure, this will throw NaNo way the hell off, but that's fine (and I may actually get even more done, staying as I will be in a podunky town with no work breathing down my neck). I would bet money that my boss calls me for something, somehow! Even though she knows I'm something like 1,900 miles away. Just you wait and see. Indiana homies! Let me know what sorts of hanging-out we can do! I suspended my car insurance, so I won't be doing much driving, but we can totes figure out something hella sweet. (...I think I've been here too long, re-reading that last part.)

Our kitty is a purr monster. His hobbies include eating feet, standing on your chest when you try to lie down, and purring as loudly as he can while nuzzling your face. It is the most adorable thing ever.

I really need to actually start writing something for NaNo, huh? I need to sit on Ehru and find out how she wants to go about co-authoring...with her work schedule and my suddenly having something like three consecutive days off next week, it may turn out that I do most of the writing. And that's okay with me too! It's what I'm used to. Honestly, she's done the hard work ahead of time with the game session summaries on the wiki (yes, we are totally writing it out, it is awesome and nerdy). Transcribing it in long form will be a long process, but this year I'm cozy and snug and warm and content in the knowledge that all told, it's already a way more than 50,000 word story, EASILY, and it's all notecarded out into scenes and major story arcs already. This may be cheating! I prefer to think of it as...okay, it's cheating. Though the site even has a forum now for people who are "cheating" (a.k.a. "rebelling" in their words) so it's even legit to cheat. Fun!

I should...have a little more something for lunch. PMS is making me crazy mad hungry, ALL THE TIME. Very annoying. And then drop by the nearest pet boarding place to see what that's like, since we need to put Seimei in a kitty boarding place while we travel and the bathroom gets torn out.

Oh, and totally on accident I picked flights that route through Phoenix, which is Ehru's destination anyway, so she wrangled tickets for the same flights that I'm on both going and coming. Yay!
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We had a sick staff member this weekend, plus two large catering orders, and the end result was that on Saturday I worked nine hours without a single break, and eight hours Sunday with just a quickie lunch.

Oh, and I had really bad cramps the whole time, especially in my legs.

My face when this weekend: D:

Ehru saved my life with a super amazing back massage (and arms, and legs, and feet, and hands...) for which I am TOTES THANKFUL or else I'd have died. I still had to come in Monday, too, but at least I was closing, and my boss told me to come in a couple hours later than scheduled and get some rest. And apparently she has been telling all the other staff about my weekend, because my efforts have already passed into legend. I'm either flattered or embarassed...I'm not sure. >_>

It's chilly lately, and I'm excited about fall. It's the only season I've managed to not see here, and my favorite season pretty much everywhere. Indiana's got flaming red and orange trees, Japan has brilliantly clear skies and amazing-smelling kinmokusei...I'm not sure what happens here but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway. Time to clean out my ridiculously cluttered downloads folder and/or draw. :D
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Yup. It's here. And quite sinuses are more or less alright, but my throat feels like I ate a metal file. Possibly even sideways. I've been fighting it tooth and nail with advil, nasal saline spray, vaporub, and countless (okay, two so far, it's very countable) teapots of lemon slices steeped with a little honey. Today and tomorrow seem like they're going to be the roughest days, so it's fortunate timing that I have at least today off, maybe tomorrow too. I can hope, right?

Somehow a slug got into the bathroom the other day, left trails all over the rug, and eluded us until nighttime, despite my having cleaned the bathroom fairly thoroughly. I have no idea at all where it was hiding or why it came in (though how it got in was likely just through the little shower window).

...I feel like I had something interesting to say, but whatever it was, it's escaped me entirely.

So have this instead: a totally awesome AMV to a remix of Fireflies, which I am only the teensiest bit ashamed to say I really like as a song. The timing is spot-on and the cuts between the original music video and the anime flow pretty impressively. That, and I occasionally hear music as colors. It's not usually much of a big deal, but Owl City in general is something like jamming a kaleidoscope into my eye, moreso than just about anything else I've listened to. This vid especially made me go "oh hey, this is like hearing the song with my eyes rather than seeing it with my ears!" which is as confusing to me as it is to you, believe me.

And some more fun things while I'm at it.

RAH HEY! - In which some AMVer(s) realized that "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day sounds like "Know Your Anime." Wacky hijinks ensue.

Memory Flash³ - Somehow they even managed to mix some Mirror's Edge gameplay into this, totally seamlessly. Color me impressed. Occasionally with goosebumps!

Golden Age, TV On The Radio - WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. The song's catchy enough I guess...just keep watching and tell me if it makes sense to you somehow.

Astronafti, Hanzel und Gretyl - Usually, they're a super industrial group. But sometimes, there are stringed instruments. And goats?

Ugh...I might lie down...this cold's kicking my butt.
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The evil plane gave Ehru back to me finally, but it gave her back with a nasty headcold and a screwy stomach from so much greasy Southern food. D: It is going to be an evening of veggie soup and orange juice and VapoRub and a movie, clearly. (The VapoRub will be very helpful when I inevitably catch it as well. This is virtually guaranteed.)

Picking her up was fun though. I polished off my old mad crossdressing skillz and showed up in a suit and tie, causing her to do at least a doubletake to figure out who I was (though in her defense she was extremely cold-addled and exhausted from travel). I couldn't quite get the chest bindings as tight as I needed to really get rid of ye olde boobes, but I also really need to be able to breathe properly to navigate highway 101 on a weekend night, so. It was good enough. American Apparel had some extremely awesome skinny suspenders that I had to buy a pair, and then I had to figure out with what I could wear them, and it just sort of went from there.

I also got a haircut! It is very short again and can easily be styled dudely or girly. I am well-pleased. I seriously went to SuperCuts and got a cheapo cut that's damned near as good as any I've gotten for twice or thrice the price. It helps that I hedged my bets and went to a very high-traffic one (Redwood City Caltrain station) at a low-traffic time (boring o'clock, Saturday). I figured if they weren't good, they wouldn't be in business, since it's in such a demanding location, and going at a slow time would get me a good stylist in much less of a rush than usual. My gamble paid off to the order of an awesome haircut for $17 plus tip, and some Redken stuff (that I adore, and is nearly impossible to find) on clearance for 75% off. Score.

I am thinking of writing a post or several about D&D and the DMing thereof and game design/player interaction from a sort of psychological viewpoint, but I'm not convinced this journal's the place for it as I tend to just spew personal blatherings here. There don't seem to be any decently active tabletop gaming comms here at the moment either, unless I'm really missing this where people would start their own or what? I am greatly confused.

Anyway, I have grocery shopping to do, how exciting for me.
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Bad: I have a headache and cramps, I'm cold, it's too quiet here, and work yesterday was completely insane and I was stuck in zombie mode from having gotten up so early.

Good: Ehru got me a copy of the incredibly lovely Shadowscapes Tarot as a surprise, my boss showed up exactly in the nick of time to keep me from getting lynched, and I've got a succession game of Dwarf Fortress in which I really need to get around to playing my year. (Basically the fortress is passed around from player to player one ingame year at a time. Hilarity often ensues.)

Meh: I really cannot think of anything interesting to post. >_> Though I guess I'll have a reaction post later today when Judge Walker announces whether or not same-sex couples will be allowed to wed starting today. *Crosses fingers, not that I have any plans in the next hundred years*

Would anybody like a tarot reading from my new deck? Or my old deck...I have a copy of the Chinese Tarot as well. I'd offer up the Fey Tarot and Aquarian Tarot as well, but they're back in Indiana. (Also, the Aquarian Tarot was a jerk to me when I first bought it in Japan so I sentenced it to hard labor propping up my external hard drive to keep it from overheating. It maintains a grudge to this day.)
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Girl yuckiness. )
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This online drawing thingy is pretty sweet.
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Okay guys, I have an adoreboy. Who sat at work a couple days ago for HOURS making moony eyes at me and vaguely trying to start conversations (with such brilliances as "hey, uh, do you happen to know what time it is?" and ""), and today somehow intercepted me outside Walgreens as I was buying some Tums and informed me that "this Walmart is the best one." I didn't have the heart to tell him he said Walmart when he meant Walgreens. Also on the list of things I don't have the heart to tell him are such things as 1. he looks ten years younger than me and that is very no, 2. he's got boy parts and that is very no, 3. my girlfriend could kick his ass and that is very awesome. One of my coworkers says he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio (sort of true if Leo were 16 or so and a skateboarder), and we are agreed that such a thing is completely wasted on me.

Still, if he keeps happening to show up at places where I also exist, and making those weird doe eyes at me, I am going to have Some Words with him. It's marginally creepy. It could still be coincidence, I guess.

New shoes make work ever so much easier! Though this didn't stop my feet from giving me the hells today as well. I'm prone to random nerve problems around the ball and toes of my right foot as a result of a really old joint fracture that healed all wrong and huge, and I was definitely feeling it today. Strangely enough, walking back from the train station made my arch and heel itch RIDICULOUSLY and I had to stop and massage my heel until it calmed the shit down. What is up with that? I ask you. I really need to just get my feet cut off and get some robotic rocket feet or something.

Lush is a very dangerous store that you should never go into, by the way, because a very fabulous guy will sell you like half the stuff in there.

Also! I have perfected the lightly-fried salmon cake. It is epic. The recipe can be had if you ask nicely.

Also also! Our catgrass is inexplicably growing very tiny mushrooms. I suspect I overwatered the potting medium...

Enough randomness for one day, I suspect it is time to massage my own feet crazy awesome-like. :D
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As I don't bother watching things or reading things to recommend them to people, I'm going to stick with the one form of media I actually DO partake of: phat tunez!, yeah.

So without further ado, things that go in my ears that should go in yours too. Although really, all this list proves is that I am very, very slow, and only get on the bandwagon after it's already done a full round-trip and everyone got off and the driver turns it off and forgets to lock it...I climb in behind the wheel and make little vroomvroom sounds with my mouth and pretend to drive it.

Extreme Ways by Moby. I totally admit, I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies, so I'm probably just being super late to some bandwagon here, but like a great many songs about very bad men that enjoy being very bad, this song makes me squee.

The Wondersmith And His Sons by Astronautalis. See above: very bad men. So, so awesome. How did this guy get so awesome?

The Way I Are by Timbaland. Look, don't judge me...I'm hopelessly amused by the bad grammar.

In that musical vein, I really cannot listen to TiK ToK by Ke$ha outside of the context of this vid.

I am beginning to suspect I have the teensiest Kirk/Spock thing despite not really much liking original Star Trek. I DON'T EVEN (Also, Monster by Lady Gaga.)

I am also strangely enthralled by Alejandro even if the music video does terrify (ETA: however! The vest and pants outfit at 5:37! *Flails happily*), and there is nothing wrong with Bad Romance. If I wasn't already gay, I would totes be after watching a few of her music videos. >_>

Also ETA, speaking of women that have THE HOT and dance, I don't even know how I forgot about Shakira. I feel like a failure as a human being!

And now I am off to shower and then to go the city (by which I mean San Francisco proper) and hopefully buy some decent shoes along the way, because it's something of a pain working foodservice in shoes with no arch support or anything, and Ehru is making dire grumpyfaces at me for continuing to do so.

ETA TO ADD MORE: I'm also going to be wearing my amazingly gorgeous new corset over a button-down white shirt, since it's the wrong color to wear to work (note to self: procure a green corset) and I haven't had a chance to show it off to the general public yet. I got the blue one shown. Fortunately it doesn't come with the weird bat-face that the model is, however, EXTREMELY comfortable! :D


ETA that I keep spelling TEA for some reason: Or, y'know, I could develop a painful headache and end up jeans and t-shirting it anyway. >_>;



Jul. 27th, 2010 07:26 am
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Blegh. Sort of working on a music post...mostly just feeling like a train ran over me. Yucky yucky yucky. My stomach started acting up at work and it's just been sort of downhill since then. It hasn't done anything too dramatic but my energy level and concentration are just shot all to hell.

Though I am playing a cleric named William S. Preston. If you went out on a limb and guessed that Ehru was playing one named Theodore Logan, you'd be right. :D
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Because writing things out makes me remember them, even if I don't look directly at the list.

★ Grocery shopping
★ Laundry
★ Attempt to bake these bad boys, probably with sugar crystals on top :D
★ Go to the post office and mail things
★ Clean the kitchen in general
★ Fill up another planter and seed/water it (this one's for catgrass for the cat that we don't have yet >_>)
★ Actually remember to schedule a haircut :C

Yeah, it probably won't get 100% done, but I can try. ( T_T)9

In other news, today is paydaaaaay~ also known as YAYDAY. :DDDDDDDDDD