Jul. 12th, 2010


Jul. 12th, 2010 02:33 pm
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Here I am! I am officially escaping the murk of LJ. I figured it was probably time to just give up on it already, seeing as I had posted once in the past, oh, 6 months...yeah. I backed up and locked up the old entries, as I was really getting tired of having so much old news lying around dating all the way back from the beginning of college. A fresh start in a fresh journal without LJ's sketchy sketchy advertising/censorship attempts sounds rather novel. We'll see if it lasts longer than three posts. I hold out very little hope.

AAAAAAAaaaaaaanyway I have to go walk over to the gardening place and see about buying some plants and a watering can. There are flower pots that need more potting soil and a basil plant that I'm TOTALLY CONVINCED that I can bring back from the edge of death here. This may be folly, but if it works, it'll be tasty, tasty folly that I can cook with, and that's alright by me. ♥

Also on the list to purchase: a spider plant and a zebra plant for indoors. Possible an aloe as well...though I'm beginning to question how I'm to carry all of this on foot. With my awesomeness, perhaps.

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