Sep. 14th, 2010

afniel: (I ded.)

We had a sick staff member this weekend, plus two large catering orders, and the end result was that on Saturday I worked nine hours without a single break, and eight hours Sunday with just a quickie lunch.

Oh, and I had really bad cramps the whole time, especially in my legs.

My face when this weekend: D:

Ehru saved my life with a super amazing back massage (and arms, and legs, and feet, and hands...) for which I am TOTES THANKFUL or else I'd have died. I still had to come in Monday, too, but at least I was closing, and my boss told me to come in a couple hours later than scheduled and get some rest. And apparently she has been telling all the other staff about my weekend, because my efforts have already passed into legend. I'm either flattered or embarassed...I'm not sure. >_>

It's chilly lately, and I'm excited about fall. It's the only season I've managed to not see here, and my favorite season pretty much everywhere. Indiana's got flaming red and orange trees, Japan has brilliantly clear skies and amazing-smelling kinmokusei...I'm not sure what happens here but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway. Time to clean out my ridiculously cluttered downloads folder and/or draw. :D

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