Nov. 3rd, 2010

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I'm 5% done with NaNo, making me something like a day-ish behind, but I tend to write an entire day's worth at a time in a sitting of only two hours tops, so I'm not even bothering to worry about this. I'm just happy to be doing it and having it go so damnably well...I forgot how excited I was over the campaign while it was going on and I'm at least as excited about writing it all out, if not much more so.

Also, sushi and Draeger's coffee for lunch! The server here is incredibly sweet and always gives me free coffee refills forever and ever! I don't even know if that's store policy but I'm on my third cup! Whee!

I'm going to be so buzzed and impossible to deal with at work today.

ALSO! Record number of LGBT politicians elected to office: today is just a good day all the way around.

EXCEPT I HAVE TO CLOSE AT WORK ah hell, though, that's not really so bad. I'm getting the hang of it pretty well. I usually open, and recently I've done a fair amount of training a new employee or two, and I even placed a phone order the other day with a supplier. I sometimes count hours for payroll. I call customers back to confirm reservations and get credit card info. This is why I picked where I work now rather than somewhere similar but larger, with benefits but little room to take on new responsibilities...I can do that later when I've proven I already have this range of ability.

Okay! I have to go fold laundry before work. I depart!

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