Nov. 17th, 2011


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:57 am
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I kid. It's not really that bluh at all. I had literally the worst day I've ever had just a handful of days ago (fibro crash, again + stomach bug + current medication causes dry everything, even digestive tract = was bad), but I dunno, somehow I am feeling pretty chipper about it all anyway (watching a lot of Monty Python helped). I found a totally cute little fakeyfake Christmas tree (hur hur, I am so not even Christian, but fuck it if I don't really like the decorating a tree part) and Ehru did not kill me over it (she hates decorating and the holidays in general) and the ball is actually rolling pretty smoothly on my applying for SSI (insert one more extraneous parenthetical here for shits and giggles). I expect to have to appeal at least once to actually get it, but I expect to get it.

Which will be nice. It won't be a lot, but it would be more than I am making now, which is very close to nothing. Not quite nothing, as I'm doing some little product design thingey for my boss, but it'll be something, and I'm moving onto Ehru's insurance so that will take a huge, huge chunk off my medical bills.

ANYWAY now that I have totally rambled about money and being ill and the intersection thereof, which is probably interesting to nobody at all, including myself, I should talk about something else!

...*sound of crickets*...

NaNo is once again not really panning out, bluh. I'm stuck somewhere around almost 9k. Or, I guess, I got there and then got distracted. This has also happened to my D&D blog, which was chugging along brilliantly until Ehru and I traveled home to see my family and then I hardcore tiredcrashed and just never got my groove back. Story of my life you guys! Though I have to say I am actually pretty happy with my story, and every time I reread what I have so far, I find another place to put in more detail and characterization. I am also enjoying the fuck out of using limited third-person narrative, because even in a general 'narrator' voice, each character's viewpoint really informs their scenes dramatically. I've never really fiddled with it as a technique that much and now I can't figure out why I haven't fallen in love with it before now.

I really need to write more! I just...don't remember to do so. Ugh.

I did figure out how to post photos to Facebook with my phone. It's not a useful life skill but it is much more convenient than having to use my real camera, which has dead batteries and is kind of a pain. I don't really enjoy photography but snapping random shots of weird things (like signs for "CORNED BEE" and "PORK CHOPP" and "DOMESTIC PEE" which was "DOMESTIC BEER" until someone made the appropriate adjustments) is just...more fun.

Ope, gotta go, chiropractor appointment. On top of all the ever so lovely things several days ago, I also got a ridiculously stiff neck and could hardly turn my head for days. Whee... cat you may not sit on me and purr right as I'm about to shoot off the couch in a hurry...

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