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Okay guys, I have an adoreboy. Who sat at work a couple days ago for HOURS making moony eyes at me and vaguely trying to start conversations (with such brilliances as "hey, uh, do you happen to know what time it is?" and ""), and today somehow intercepted me outside Walgreens as I was buying some Tums and informed me that "this Walmart is the best one." I didn't have the heart to tell him he said Walmart when he meant Walgreens. Also on the list of things I don't have the heart to tell him are such things as 1. he looks ten years younger than me and that is very no, 2. he's got boy parts and that is very no, 3. my girlfriend could kick his ass and that is very awesome. One of my coworkers says he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio (sort of true if Leo were 16 or so and a skateboarder), and we are agreed that such a thing is completely wasted on me.

Still, if he keeps happening to show up at places where I also exist, and making those weird doe eyes at me, I am going to have Some Words with him. It's marginally creepy. It could still be coincidence, I guess.

New shoes make work ever so much easier! Though this didn't stop my feet from giving me the hells today as well. I'm prone to random nerve problems around the ball and toes of my right foot as a result of a really old joint fracture that healed all wrong and huge, and I was definitely feeling it today. Strangely enough, walking back from the train station made my arch and heel itch RIDICULOUSLY and I had to stop and massage my heel until it calmed the shit down. What is up with that? I ask you. I really need to just get my feet cut off and get some robotic rocket feet or something.

Lush is a very dangerous store that you should never go into, by the way, because a very fabulous guy will sell you like half the stuff in there.

Also! I have perfected the lightly-fried salmon cake. It is epic. The recipe can be had if you ask nicely.

Also also! Our catgrass is inexplicably growing very tiny mushrooms. I suspect I overwatered the potting medium...

Enough randomness for one day, I suspect it is time to massage my own feet crazy awesome-like. :D

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