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And Muncie in particular.

Extra warning, the comment thread is also rather vitriolic and possibly disturbing I guess? I'm not sure but just in case. Anyway, without further ado, an interview with Erin Vaught on transphobia at Ball Memorial Hospital. UGH MUNCIE WHAT. I just do not have words for how disgusted I am at this and how ashamed I am to even be the same species as the assholes that would treat a fellow human this way. Asdfjkl;.

On one hand, the commenter that wondered which 'equipment' Erin had out of curiosity and ignorance about what you may and may not ask a transperson wasn't meant to be disrespectful, and I think the absolute venom it caught was a little unwarranted and a much calmer reaction would have been in order, but on the other, DAMN REALLY IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and the interview made it fairly clear already. It points up exactly how uneducated as a whole we are about anything but the rigidly binary gender norms. I'm a very chill person about questions regarding my orientation and process of understanding it, and I think I would be the same way about my gender were I transsexual, but we really need to get our societal head around the idea that this is a really sensitive subject and needs to be treated with a hell of a lot more dignity than "so wait, do you actually have a [body part] or what?".

Anyway, time to go procure soup for lunch. Hope your blood pressure didn't suffer unduly.
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