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Bad: I have a headache and cramps, I'm cold, it's too quiet here, and work yesterday was completely insane and I was stuck in zombie mode from having gotten up so early.

Good: Ehru got me a copy of the incredibly lovely Shadowscapes Tarot as a surprise, my boss showed up exactly in the nick of time to keep me from getting lynched, and I've got a succession game of Dwarf Fortress in which I really need to get around to playing my year. (Basically the fortress is passed around from player to player one ingame year at a time. Hilarity often ensues.)

Meh: I really cannot think of anything interesting to post. >_> Though I guess I'll have a reaction post later today when Judge Walker announces whether or not same-sex couples will be allowed to wed starting today. *Crosses fingers, not that I have any plans in the next hundred years*

Would anybody like a tarot reading from my new deck? Or my old deck...I have a copy of the Chinese Tarot as well. I'd offer up the Fey Tarot and Aquarian Tarot as well, but they're back in Indiana. (Also, the Aquarian Tarot was a jerk to me when I first bought it in Japan so I sentenced it to hard labor propping up my external hard drive to keep it from overheating. It maintains a grudge to this day.)
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