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The evil plane gave Ehru back to me finally, but it gave her back with a nasty headcold and a screwy stomach from so much greasy Southern food. D: It is going to be an evening of veggie soup and orange juice and VapoRub and a movie, clearly. (The VapoRub will be very helpful when I inevitably catch it as well. This is virtually guaranteed.)

Picking her up was fun though. I polished off my old mad crossdressing skillz and showed up in a suit and tie, causing her to do at least a doubletake to figure out who I was (though in her defense she was extremely cold-addled and exhausted from travel). I couldn't quite get the chest bindings as tight as I needed to really get rid of ye olde boobes, but I also really need to be able to breathe properly to navigate highway 101 on a weekend night, so. It was good enough. American Apparel had some extremely awesome skinny suspenders that I had to buy a pair, and then I had to figure out with what I could wear them, and it just sort of went from there.

I also got a haircut! It is very short again and can easily be styled dudely or girly. I am well-pleased. I seriously went to SuperCuts and got a cheapo cut that's damned near as good as any I've gotten for twice or thrice the price. It helps that I hedged my bets and went to a very high-traffic one (Redwood City Caltrain station) at a low-traffic time (boring o'clock, Saturday). I figured if they weren't good, they wouldn't be in business, since it's in such a demanding location, and going at a slow time would get me a good stylist in much less of a rush than usual. My gamble paid off to the order of an awesome haircut for $17 plus tip, and some Redken stuff (that I adore, and is nearly impossible to find) on clearance for 75% off. Score.

I am thinking of writing a post or several about D&D and the DMing thereof and game design/player interaction from a sort of psychological viewpoint, but I'm not convinced this journal's the place for it as I tend to just spew personal blatherings here. There don't seem to be any decently active tabletop gaming comms here at the moment either, unless I'm really missing this where people would start their own or what? I am greatly confused.

Anyway, I have grocery shopping to do, how exciting for me.
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