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Ahaha, yeah, I think we all saw this coming...

Anyway, here is my feeble attempt to say things!

Halloween was much more awesome this year than last year (in which "last year" consisted of going bar-hopping with the usual suspects at the time, becoming miserable, having enough alcohol to be drunk twice and not being drunk even once, becoming more miserable, enduring random strangers trying to dance with me while miserable and calling me no fun, stomping home alone in the dark, realizing I am locked out of my own apartment, reaching the end of my misery-rope and bawling a lot on the freezing stairs, being mistakenly left outside for twenty minutes by the friend I was trying to get to buzz me in, a high guy accosting me looking for even more pot, and finally only getting in to clean myself up and try to calm down at 3:30~4:00 in the morning).

This year had a friend's parents putting on an erotic Victorian-style cut-out paper puppet show in a barn and both Ehru and I going as vampires in corsets! There is not much beating that, no kidding.

A year ago tomorrow I will come out of the closet. Good times, and a hearty fuck-you-very-much to my previous, aforementioned closet. The contrast between this time last year and this time this year is stark and amazing.

I'm going to be visiting my family Nov. 22nd to the 29th~ sure, this will throw NaNo way the hell off, but that's fine (and I may actually get even more done, staying as I will be in a podunky town with no work breathing down my neck). I would bet money that my boss calls me for something, somehow! Even though she knows I'm something like 1,900 miles away. Just you wait and see. Indiana homies! Let me know what sorts of hanging-out we can do! I suspended my car insurance, so I won't be doing much driving, but we can totes figure out something hella sweet. (...I think I've been here too long, re-reading that last part.)

Our kitty is a purr monster. His hobbies include eating feet, standing on your chest when you try to lie down, and purring as loudly as he can while nuzzling your face. It is the most adorable thing ever.

I really need to actually start writing something for NaNo, huh? I need to sit on Ehru and find out how she wants to go about co-authoring...with her work schedule and my suddenly having something like three consecutive days off next week, it may turn out that I do most of the writing. And that's okay with me too! It's what I'm used to. Honestly, she's done the hard work ahead of time with the game session summaries on the wiki (yes, we are totally writing it out, it is awesome and nerdy). Transcribing it in long form will be a long process, but this year I'm cozy and snug and warm and content in the knowledge that all told, it's already a way more than 50,000 word story, EASILY, and it's all notecarded out into scenes and major story arcs already. This may be cheating! I prefer to think of it as...okay, it's cheating. Though the site even has a forum now for people who are "cheating" (a.k.a. "rebelling" in their words) so it's even legit to cheat. Fun!

I should...have a little more something for lunch. PMS is making me crazy mad hungry, ALL THE TIME. Very annoying. And then drop by the nearest pet boarding place to see what that's like, since we need to put Seimei in a kitty boarding place while we travel and the bathroom gets torn out.

Oh, and totally on accident I picked flights that route through Phoenix, which is Ehru's destination anyway, so she wrangled tickets for the same flights that I'm on both going and coming. Yay!

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