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The Northern California Ren Faire was incredibly awesome, even if Ehru did suddenly start feeling sick, and then I got tired, and no way in hells could we have actually waited to see the band I wanted to see. That's okay, though, I much preferred getting there earlier in the day when it was cooler, substantially less dusty, and much less crowded.

The yellowjackets that chased my turkey leg around, however, can just die in a fire.

I wore myself out, AGAIN, like a dumbfuck, or more accurately never really rested up properly from last week, and guess who spent Sunday hobbling pathetically at best and today on the couch derping. I am trying to get out of volunteering, seeing as I cannot reliably even stand up, but somehow every single person I might contact to let them know about the situation in which I've gotten myself is not in their office. Gah. Well, what can you do, really? I have some work tomorrow followed by physical therapy and really have to be able to function. Standing for two hours today wouldn't improve that.

While I'm grumping, I may as well grump that I am supposed to have gotten a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nervous stimulation, I think) unit by now and it just keeps not being an existent thing, despite it having been ordered a month ago and apparently shipped a week and a half ago? I would really benefit from it being a thing that is a thing, but it is a thing that is not a thing yet, and that doesn't help me much at all in my being mid-flareup and kind of tetchy about it.

I am going to ask my PT about the possibility of getting a cane, because damn, it's impossible to get anything done when my legs are jello and I don't have anyone around to help me walk. And possibly ask about disability, because while I know Ehru really wants me to find a job that'll accommodate my problems, I am easily worn into exhaustion by even a half day of light work, and come on, that isn't exactly employable, especially given the current economy. (That and I don't really even know what it is other than "you get money because you can't work" so it'd be informative.)

Bleh. Sorry for the total downer of a post. I'm really sore today and it kind of shows...I'm just going to dump this mess under a cut. Because I really hate ending posts on a sour note, I rebooted my Etsy shop for shits and giggles, and if my wrists will stop fucking hurting for two seconds hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and have some new things to post soon! I think the bored-at-home jewelry bug is biting me again...
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