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Oh man. How is it November? Seriously, what did I do to deserve this? :D

I kid. November's pretty awesome because it means NaNo! And uh...this year I actually have time to write, unlike last year's amazing 5k words and then I had to stop?


I mean, never mind that I have time to write because I can't really walk more often than not, but hey. I did apply for disability...working in Japan screwed me for Social Security because I haven't worked enough years paying into the system, but I still qualify for Supplemental Security Income, and now all I have to do is get approved. This may take a while...but eh.

Ope, time to play Terraria with Ehru. <3
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It is definitely a thing. Somehow I seemed to think that volunteering and being busy around home Monday, working a longer than usual shift Tuesday, going up to the city Wednesday, and volunteering and then working anyway Thursday was a good idea, or at least one that wouldn't put me in bed most of Friday. Whoops!

I have also gotten really bad at sleep. I seem to lose at least one night a week to nightmares, getting too hot, having my legs and back suddenly start hurting like crazy, and needing to bathroomsplode at 3am. (It's always the full list, usually with multiple bouts of nightmares. Which is incredibly weird for me. WTF.) I outdid myself last night and had a scary dream that included absolutely no dream at all, just scary. It was rather like those featureless falling dreams you get where you jerk awake in a panic, only I shivered awake and attached myself firmly to Ehru. I swear, my sleep problems bother her as much as they do me, if not more, but she's such a good sport about it.

I am finding that, oddly enough, doing crafty sorts of things makes me feel a little more normal. I made a small batch of skin oils and hair oils for my mom, 'aunt', and Ehru, and after having sampled them a bit myself they are pretty awesome. And I have perfected my recipe for red chai made from scratch! As well as a few fiddly little other nothings that I'd been meaning to do.

Anyway, because I'm not hoardy about such things, red chai recipe:

3 tablespoons plain rooibos
1 tablespoon cinnamon, small pieces
1 tablespoon whole cardamom pods
1 teaspoon vanilla pod bits
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1 teaspoon dried ginger bits

I bought most of this through SF Herb Company wholesale (they sell to the public), except the cloves and ginger, because I actually dislike ginger on the whole and have no other use for it, and what am I going to do with a pound of cloves, anyway? IKEA's glass jars are the most awesome thing ever for storing ingredients cheaply, airtightly, and prettily.

Anyway it steeps however you like (I have a Beehouse teapot in my favorite shade of spring green) for five minutes in about 20-24 oz of filtered, just-off-boil water.

Then you add milk and honey for awesomeness. Vanilla soymilk actually goes really well with rooibos. Agave would work just as well if you're feeling vegan!

...I have really got to get running a D&D campaign for real again. My lack of DMitude is starting to GNAW THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD AAAAAUGH.
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Yup. It's here. And quite sinuses are more or less alright, but my throat feels like I ate a metal file. Possibly even sideways. I've been fighting it tooth and nail with advil, nasal saline spray, vaporub, and countless (okay, two so far, it's very countable) teapots of lemon slices steeped with a little honey. Today and tomorrow seem like they're going to be the roughest days, so it's fortunate timing that I have at least today off, maybe tomorrow too. I can hope, right?

Somehow a slug got into the bathroom the other day, left trails all over the rug, and eluded us until nighttime, despite my having cleaned the bathroom fairly thoroughly. I have no idea at all where it was hiding or why it came in (though how it got in was likely just through the little shower window).

...I feel like I had something interesting to say, but whatever it was, it's escaped me entirely.

So have this instead: a totally awesome AMV to a remix of Fireflies, which I am only the teensiest bit ashamed to say I really like as a song. The timing is spot-on and the cuts between the original music video and the anime flow pretty impressively. That, and I occasionally hear music as colors. It's not usually much of a big deal, but Owl City in general is something like jamming a kaleidoscope into my eye, moreso than just about anything else I've listened to. This vid especially made me go "oh hey, this is like hearing the song with my eyes rather than seeing it with my ears!" which is as confusing to me as it is to you, believe me.

And some more fun things while I'm at it.

RAH HEY! - In which some AMVer(s) realized that "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day sounds like "Know Your Anime." Wacky hijinks ensue.

Memory Flash³ - Somehow they even managed to mix some Mirror's Edge gameplay into this, totally seamlessly. Color me impressed. Occasionally with goosebumps!

Golden Age, TV On The Radio - WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. The song's catchy enough I guess...just keep watching and tell me if it makes sense to you somehow.

Astronafti, Hanzel und Gretyl - Usually, they're a super industrial group. But sometimes, there are stringed instruments. And goats?

Ugh...I might lie down...this cold's kicking my butt.
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The evil plane gave Ehru back to me finally, but it gave her back with a nasty headcold and a screwy stomach from so much greasy Southern food. D: It is going to be an evening of veggie soup and orange juice and VapoRub and a movie, clearly. (The VapoRub will be very helpful when I inevitably catch it as well. This is virtually guaranteed.)

Picking her up was fun though. I polished off my old mad crossdressing skillz and showed up in a suit and tie, causing her to do at least a doubletake to figure out who I was (though in her defense she was extremely cold-addled and exhausted from travel). I couldn't quite get the chest bindings as tight as I needed to really get rid of ye olde boobes, but I also really need to be able to breathe properly to navigate highway 101 on a weekend night, so. It was good enough. American Apparel had some extremely awesome skinny suspenders that I had to buy a pair, and then I had to figure out with what I could wear them, and it just sort of went from there.

I also got a haircut! It is very short again and can easily be styled dudely or girly. I am well-pleased. I seriously went to SuperCuts and got a cheapo cut that's damned near as good as any I've gotten for twice or thrice the price. It helps that I hedged my bets and went to a very high-traffic one (Redwood City Caltrain station) at a low-traffic time (boring o'clock, Saturday). I figured if they weren't good, they wouldn't be in business, since it's in such a demanding location, and going at a slow time would get me a good stylist in much less of a rush than usual. My gamble paid off to the order of an awesome haircut for $17 plus tip, and some Redken stuff (that I adore, and is nearly impossible to find) on clearance for 75% off. Score.

I am thinking of writing a post or several about D&D and the DMing thereof and game design/player interaction from a sort of psychological viewpoint, but I'm not convinced this journal's the place for it as I tend to just spew personal blatherings here. There don't seem to be any decently active tabletop gaming comms here at the moment either, unless I'm really missing this where people would start their own or what? I am greatly confused.

Anyway, I have grocery shopping to do, how exciting for me.
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Okay guys, I have an adoreboy. Who sat at work a couple days ago for HOURS making moony eyes at me and vaguely trying to start conversations (with such brilliances as "hey, uh, do you happen to know what time it is?" and ""), and today somehow intercepted me outside Walgreens as I was buying some Tums and informed me that "this Walmart is the best one." I didn't have the heart to tell him he said Walmart when he meant Walgreens. Also on the list of things I don't have the heart to tell him are such things as 1. he looks ten years younger than me and that is very no, 2. he's got boy parts and that is very no, 3. my girlfriend could kick his ass and that is very awesome. One of my coworkers says he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio (sort of true if Leo were 16 or so and a skateboarder), and we are agreed that such a thing is completely wasted on me.

Still, if he keeps happening to show up at places where I also exist, and making those weird doe eyes at me, I am going to have Some Words with him. It's marginally creepy. It could still be coincidence, I guess.

New shoes make work ever so much easier! Though this didn't stop my feet from giving me the hells today as well. I'm prone to random nerve problems around the ball and toes of my right foot as a result of a really old joint fracture that healed all wrong and huge, and I was definitely feeling it today. Strangely enough, walking back from the train station made my arch and heel itch RIDICULOUSLY and I had to stop and massage my heel until it calmed the shit down. What is up with that? I ask you. I really need to just get my feet cut off and get some robotic rocket feet or something.

Lush is a very dangerous store that you should never go into, by the way, because a very fabulous guy will sell you like half the stuff in there.

Also! I have perfected the lightly-fried salmon cake. It is epic. The recipe can be had if you ask nicely.

Also also! Our catgrass is inexplicably growing very tiny mushrooms. I suspect I overwatered the potting medium...

Enough randomness for one day, I suspect it is time to massage my own feet crazy awesome-like. :D

ehehe. ♥

Jul. 16th, 2010 07:15 pm
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Recently, sometimes while I am walking, I catch my own reflection and go, Man, self! That wallet in your back pocket makes it look like you have a MIGHTY FINE AND STACKED ASS!

Then I realize that my wallet is in fact in my bag.

*puts on sunglasses*


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