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Yup. It's here. And quite sinuses are more or less alright, but my throat feels like I ate a metal file. Possibly even sideways. I've been fighting it tooth and nail with advil, nasal saline spray, vaporub, and countless (okay, two so far, it's very countable) teapots of lemon slices steeped with a little honey. Today and tomorrow seem like they're going to be the roughest days, so it's fortunate timing that I have at least today off, maybe tomorrow too. I can hope, right?

Somehow a slug got into the bathroom the other day, left trails all over the rug, and eluded us until nighttime, despite my having cleaned the bathroom fairly thoroughly. I have no idea at all where it was hiding or why it came in (though how it got in was likely just through the little shower window).

...I feel like I had something interesting to say, but whatever it was, it's escaped me entirely.

So have this instead: a totally awesome AMV to a remix of Fireflies, which I am only the teensiest bit ashamed to say I really like as a song. The timing is spot-on and the cuts between the original music video and the anime flow pretty impressively. That, and I occasionally hear music as colors. It's not usually much of a big deal, but Owl City in general is something like jamming a kaleidoscope into my eye, moreso than just about anything else I've listened to. This vid especially made me go "oh hey, this is like hearing the song with my eyes rather than seeing it with my ears!" which is as confusing to me as it is to you, believe me.

And some more fun things while I'm at it.

RAH HEY! - In which some AMVer(s) realized that "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day sounds like "Know Your Anime." Wacky hijinks ensue.

Memory Flash³ - Somehow they even managed to mix some Mirror's Edge gameplay into this, totally seamlessly. Color me impressed. Occasionally with goosebumps!

Golden Age, TV On The Radio - WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. The song's catchy enough I guess...just keep watching and tell me if it makes sense to you somehow.

Astronafti, Hanzel und Gretyl - Usually, they're a super industrial group. But sometimes, there are stringed instruments. And goats?

Ugh...I might lie down...this cold's kicking my butt.
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As I don't bother watching things or reading things to recommend them to people, I'm going to stick with the one form of media I actually DO partake of: phat tunez!, yeah.

So without further ado, things that go in my ears that should go in yours too. Although really, all this list proves is that I am very, very slow, and only get on the bandwagon after it's already done a full round-trip and everyone got off and the driver turns it off and forgets to lock it...I climb in behind the wheel and make little vroomvroom sounds with my mouth and pretend to drive it.

Extreme Ways by Moby. I totally admit, I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies, so I'm probably just being super late to some bandwagon here, but like a great many songs about very bad men that enjoy being very bad, this song makes me squee.

The Wondersmith And His Sons by Astronautalis. See above: very bad men. So, so awesome. How did this guy get so awesome?

The Way I Are by Timbaland. Look, don't judge me...I'm hopelessly amused by the bad grammar.

In that musical vein, I really cannot listen to TiK ToK by Ke$ha outside of the context of this vid.

I am beginning to suspect I have the teensiest Kirk/Spock thing despite not really much liking original Star Trek. I DON'T EVEN (Also, Monster by Lady Gaga.)

I am also strangely enthralled by Alejandro even if the music video does terrify (ETA: however! The vest and pants outfit at 5:37! *Flails happily*), and there is nothing wrong with Bad Romance. If I wasn't already gay, I would totes be after watching a few of her music videos. >_>

Also ETA, speaking of women that have THE HOT and dance, I don't even know how I forgot about Shakira. I feel like a failure as a human being!

And now I am off to shower and then to go the city (by which I mean San Francisco proper) and hopefully buy some decent shoes along the way, because it's something of a pain working foodservice in shoes with no arch support or anything, and Ehru is making dire grumpyfaces at me for continuing to do so.

ETA TO ADD MORE: I'm also going to be wearing my amazingly gorgeous new corset over a button-down white shirt, since it's the wrong color to wear to work (note to self: procure a green corset) and I haven't had a chance to show it off to the general public yet. I got the blue one shown. Fortunately it doesn't come with the weird bat-face that the model is, however, EXTREMELY comfortable! :D


ETA that I keep spelling TEA for some reason: Or, y'know, I could develop a painful headache and end up jeans and t-shirting it anyway. >_>;


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