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Ha! How long will this posting thing last? WHO KNOWS AMIRITE

I work at a teahouse now, which is as nice (and tiring) as it sounds. Today, however, was just boring as crap...I got there at 8:30, opened at 9:30 right on schedule, and until 2pm when the other girl arrived, we had THREE CUSTOMERS.


Two of them were just iced tea to go. One at least was a regular that I really enjoy talking to now and then, and it was great having time to dick about and finish all the frilly tea sandwiches (cucumber and radish on white with mint lemon butter takes forever to make, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT), and I washed some odd things that don't usually get washed like the doors and the window frames, but gah. At least being busy makes time pass faster.

Later in the day a customer was quite emphatic that the best part of her day is the moment the tea is served, because setting everything up and then pouring the tea is meditative and ritualistic. (Then I ended up semi-accidentally selling her the shrimp salad and avocado crumpet that I'd been assembling in the back for myself to eat, but that's alright. Crumpets usually take a while to make and it was sort of nice to just be able to whip one out on the spot for once. And the lack of business probably won't be helped by me eating our profits for lunch, even if employees are allowed to nibble now and then.) Parenthetical aside, the point was that I agreed with her. Generally at work if there is an ass you must haul it, like any job, but the exception is when you're actually serving the customers. You can't rush setting the table, and you really can't rush pouring the tea. Presentation is everything, and when the rest of your work comprises of running like a chicken with your head off, it's a little cathartic to have it all culminate in one very quiet, measured moment. Customers invariably stare into the teacup and watch the tea appear to darken as the level rises (and this is why we use fine bone china. :D It's even more impressive in direct sunlight). A lot of them will comment on the color, although the ones ordering lapsang souchong or genmaicha will inevitably go right for the smell.

Oh eeeee, there's an adorable little robin digging around outside the front door.

There's sometimes a hummingbird by the door, which is exciting, and frequently about a million (or ten...what, that's totally a million) honeybees hanging out in the small lemon tree there, but they're very polite and don't try to come in uninvited, which I appreciate immensely as a somewhat-recovering apiphobe. Apparently, honeybee quitting time is 6:45. I found this out yesterday sitting by said lemon tree and planting some seeds in the incredibly neglected planters outside, when suddenly the honeybees picked up and left en masse in roughly the same direction.

Ope, the Ehru is home~ I should heat up dinner, now that I've rambled pointlessly. :| MAYBE IT WAS INTERESTING? ...yeah, probably not.


Jul. 12th, 2010 02:33 pm
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Here I am! I am officially escaping the murk of LJ. I figured it was probably time to just give up on it already, seeing as I had posted once in the past, oh, 6 months...yeah. I backed up and locked up the old entries, as I was really getting tired of having so much old news lying around dating all the way back from the beginning of college. A fresh start in a fresh journal without LJ's sketchy sketchy advertising/censorship attempts sounds rather novel. We'll see if it lasts longer than three posts. I hold out very little hope.

AAAAAAAaaaaaaanyway I have to go walk over to the gardening place and see about buying some plants and a watering can. There are flower pots that need more potting soil and a basil plant that I'm TOTALLY CONVINCED that I can bring back from the edge of death here. This may be folly, but if it works, it'll be tasty, tasty folly that I can cook with, and that's alright by me. ♥

Also on the list to purchase: a spider plant and a zebra plant for indoors. Possible an aloe as well...though I'm beginning to question how I'm to carry all of this on foot. With my awesomeness, perhaps.

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